How to choose your Foie Gras ?

Our Chef’s precious advice

by Georges BRUCK



How to choose your Foie Gras ?


Here is some information that could be applied for Goose as well as for Duck Foie Gras
A label has to mention the correct denomination of the product which has to match up with very strict standards
Furthermore, additional information such as, used-by date, temperature at which it should be kept


The term “ Foie Gras” is only reserved for a product containing 100% “ fattened livers ” of goose as well as duck.
Whole Foie Gras : Contains only whole Foie Gras, one or more “lobes” (Halves) of Foie gras
Foie Gras : Different pieces of Foie gras agglomerated together by hand
Block of Foie gras: A blend of recomposed Foie Gras which may contain pieces of Foie Gras Lobes


The shelf life of a Foie Gras depends of the temperature reached at core during the cooking. This means that you will find the same type of Foie Gras ( Whole Foie gras, Foie Gras or Block of Foie gras ) in “Fresh “, in semi-cooked or full preserved products.
This type of cooking will have an effect on the taste and the texture of the final product.