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Rue des Orfèvres


La Boutique du Gourmet

Situated in the historical center of the town, near the Cathedrale and inside the famous “ Carré d’Or”, La boutique du Gourmet offers you the very best of our Georges BRUCK’S Foie Gras, which since 1852 represent the renown of the Foie Gras de Strasbourg the world over.

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La Maison Georges bruck EN

Georges BRUCK‘S Company

A craft making

Since 1852 from Father to son: Men, Know-how, and a Family Tradition

For a century and a half, from father to son, we are exclusively devoted to the Foie Gras de Strasbourg Georges Bruck is still the only firm in Strasbourg and in Alsace with this particular knowledge on how to produce the “Foie Gras de Strasbourg” that has enabled our family to last for 5 generations, without any financial or other ties, and still remain independent.

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